About Me

Hi, I’m Blanca Garcia Gil.

I am a very curious person. I love learning. I love travelling. I grew up in Spain and now live in the United Kingdom. I speak Spanish and English and I have been on and off trying to learn Mandarin. I find languages and food are a great way to learn about other cultures.

I am an engineering leader and public speaker. I have created this blog as a more permanent home to write about ideas that are important to me, talks that I give and connect with people.

I did not start my programming journey with computers but my passion for Math led me to study Computer Science and Engineering.

Working in tech has given me the opportunity to work in different countries, different industries and appreciate and nurture diverse teams.

Working with people from different backgrounds has broadened my horizons and helped me be more open and share ideas instead of feeling like I had to blend in. I am passionate about helping not only women but people from underrepresented groups grow their careers in tech.

I worked at the BBC for the last 7 years, focused on building platform services in the cloud which involved designing scalable microservices architectures, high traffic APIs, reliable data ingestion pipelines, tackling performance issues in our data warehouse and data visualisation services. Most recently I was involved in setting the analytics platform at an early stage startup.

I am available for independent consulting. I can help you in the following areas:

  • Transforming your data vision into an actionable plan to created your data strategy
  • Coming up with a data architecture that fits your needs
  • Addressing performance, scalability and reliability issues in your existing data architecture
  • Designing a data team aligned with your business, helping you gain understanding roles and responsibilities of the different jobs
  • Upskilling your talent’s data literacy skills
  • Workshop design, facilitation and training
  • Career path frameworks, especifically senior individual contributors (Staff+ / Principal, etc)
  • Public speaking, hosting panels or interviews (see Public Speaking)

If there is anything outside of that list that you would like to discuss, let’s have a conversation. Ways to get in touch with me: Contact